Robert Kennedy's  United States History Class


World War I (1917) 
US Entry, Propaganda, and the Suspension of Civil Liberties


In a 6-10 paragraph essay, respond to the following.  Be sure to include in your discussion all the of the Learning Objectives

 Essay Prompt

Discuss the background leading to the United States involvement into World War I and how propaganda and the suspension of civil liberties were utilized to affect US involvement.

Listen to the songs dedicated to irony and problems of propaganda. 


extra credit available; instructions within the video

Learning Objective I
Discuss the Background Leading to World War

(at least one paragraph)

Learning Objective II 
Discuss American Attitudes and actions and show how those attitudes and actions lead to the United States entering the war.

(at least one paragraph)

Learning Objective III
Discuss the development of propaganda and suspension of civil liberties during the war.

(at least two paragraphs)

Learning Objective IV
 Discuss President Woodrow Wilson's role in the peace settlement after WWI.

(at least two paragraphs)