Robert Kennedy's  United States History Class


The Development of the Two Party System 1800-1860

Write a five to eight paragraph essay responding to the following prompt.    
Discuss the development of the two party system from the formation of the Constitution up until the Civil War 

An Overview and Introduction

Learning Objective One:
 Discuss the formative period of the two party system

Learning Objective Two: 
Discuss the break-up of the Federalists Party and the Rise of the Republicans by the election of 1800

Learning Objective Three

Discuss the significance of Jefferson’s and Madison’s presidencies and show how they helped lead to the downfall of the Federalist Party and led to the development of the “Era of Good Feeling”

Learning Objective Four:
Discuss the election of 1824 and show how it led to the development of the Democratic Party

Discuss the rise and fall of the Whig Party and show how its downfall led to the creation of the Republican Party