Robert Kennedy's  United States History Class


The Development of Slavery and Virginia 

In a 6-10 paragraph essay please respond to all FOUR  of the Learning Objectives 

Essay Prompt 

Discuss the interrelationship between a successful cash crop, cheap labor, and cheap land.   How did slavery slowly develop in the British Colonies and in the early United States history?

Learning Objective 1

Discuss the background of when, how and why  Jamestown was founded as well as its first few years.

(at least One Paragraph)

Learning Objective 2

Show how the interrelationship between a successful cash crop, cheap land, and cheap labor led to the plantation system and to the gradual acceptance of slavery.

(at least one paragraph)

Learning Objective 3 Part 1

Learning Objective III: Discuss the plantation system and the development of "white identity". Also discuss how imperialism and capitalism created the need for the economic and moral acceptance of  slavery.  In your discussion be sure to identify the significance of Bacon's Rebellion.

(at least three paragraphs) 

LO 3 Part 1 

Learning Objective 3 Part 2

Bacon's Rebellion 1676