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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

The Antebellum

Write a five to eight paragraph essay addressing the following essay prompt

Discuss the background leading to and the cause of the Civil War. In your discussion, you must incorporate the problems of the new territory, sectional conflicts, and slave revolts. (Give examples!). You must also discuss the interrelationship between the role of the press, slave revolts, and their effect at that time on the emotional, psychological, and political make-up of the country. 

Supplemental Material

Confederate States of America 

Learning Objective One

Discuss the problems created by the acquisitions of new territory as a result of the

Mexican-American War of 1846-48.

Learning Objective Two:

Discuss the impact of slave revolts on the emotional and psychological make-up of the South |

Learning Objective Three:

Discuss how the emotional and psychological make-up of BOTH the North and the South were turned into political hysteria by the press as the “key issue” of slavery was debated during the numerous sectional conflicts. Also discuss one of the sectional conflicts that developed over the “key issue” of slavery and show how it helped lead to the end of a NATIONAL two party system. 

Part One

Part Two

Learning Objective Four:

Discuss the impact of the Presidential election of 1860 on the two party system and the nation