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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

Interesting Story About Darwinism and Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism: The Philosophy of Big Business 



In a 6-10 paragraph essay, respond to the following. Be sure to include in your discussion all the of the Learning Objectives.


Essay Prompt

Discuss the philosophy of Social Darwinism and Compare the philosophies of Herbert Spencer and William Graham Sumner. Describe the development of Corporate Capitalism and how it was an expression of Social Darwinism.

(at least one paragraph)

Define Social Darwinism and discuss the reasons for the acceptance of the philosophy of Social Darwinism

(at least one paragraph)

Compare Herbert Spencer's philosophy of Social Darwinism and his influences with that of of American Darwinist William Graham

Learning Objective III:

(at least one paragraph)

Discuss how the federal government empowered corporations with the 14th Amendment. VIEW ALL THREE VIDEOS

(at least one paragraph)

Discuss the early development of Standard Oil and show how its founder, John D. Rockefeller, exemplified the ideal of Social Darwinism 

Learning Objective V.

(at least one paragraph)

Identify specific examples of how Ms. Ayn Rand expressed Social Darwinism (be specific)

Note: the notes and powerpoint are very helpful but will not replace the content of the lectures. They are to be used complimentary.