Robert Kennedy's  United States History Class



After viewing the Learning Objectives 1-5, prepare  a 6-10 paragraph essay, respond to the following.  


Discuss the two constitutional theories that evolved around the questions of Reconstruction.  Within your discussion identify and describe the three phases of Reconstruction.  Finally, describe the promise and hope of Reconstruction and its eventual demise .

(at least one paragraph)
(Presidential Reconstruction Phase)

Discuss the TWO constitutional theories that evolved around the question of Reconstruction

(at least one paragraph)
(Presidential Reconstruction Phase and Congressional Reconstruction Phase)
  • Discuss Presidential Reconstruction and how its weakness led to Congressional Reconstruction.

(Presidential Reconstruction and Congressional Reconstruction)
(at least two paragraphs)

  • Describe Congressional Reconstruction and how it was a reaction the Presidential Reconstruction.   

(Redemption Phase)
(at least two paragraphs)

Identify how African Americans benefited from Reconstruction
legislation.  Describe the Compromise of 1877 and its affect on re-establishing white supremacy in the former Confederacy. 

No Notes for this Learning Objective 

Watch the following lecture and identify Michele Alexander's argument.  How is the "new Jim crow" different and how is it the same as the "old Jim Crow"?  

(refer to previous LOs in your comparison between the "old Jim Crow" and the "the New Jim Crow"), and how is it the same as the "old Jim Crow"? 

Your Response should be at least 3-5 complete paragraphs