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Robert Kennedy's United States History Class

Thomas Jefferson

Discuss the arrival of, principles and contributions of Jeffersonian Democracy and the conditions as stated by Jefferson necessary to preserve such a democracy. Also discuss Jefferson's view on religion along with his leadership approach as president. Finally. discuss how did he Jefferson Administration define federalism.

Learning Objective One:


The intellectual Thomas Jefferson and the evangelical Baptists of Virginia set aside their differences and together defend a belief they shared: the right to worship freely. Why does Jefferson argue for religious liberty? Why do the Baptists? What are the similarities and differences in their views? How did Jefferson's partnership with the Baptist define "freedom of religion" in America?


What does the First Amendment say about religion? How do its words contribute to sustaining American religion? What do you think Thomas Jefferson's famous phrase "wall of separation between church and state" means?


(click here to view the video):

Learning Objective Two:

Discuss the election of 1800 and the arrival of Jeffersonian Democracy

Learning Objective Three

Discuss the elements within society that are necessary to create a democracy for Jefferson and show how they compare to those of Andrew Jackson. Discuss the role of dissent and rebellion in society in preserving a democracy

Learning Objective IV


Discuss Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase and show how there was very little change from that of his Federalist predecessors in his (1) domestic (Embargo Act of 1807) and (2) foreign policies (Tripolitan War of 1801-05 )and (3) interpretation of the Constitution. Discuss the views of his critics as well.   

Collection of great scenes of Thomas Jefferson from HBO's John Adams.