Robert Kennedy's  United States History Class


Exam Preparation

The expectations and organization for each lecture as originally explained in the orientation are as follows:

  1. Each lecture is an an assignment to prepare for each exam  that requires you to write a 6-10 paragraph essays varying in number per unit.

  2. Note, these 6-10 paragraph essays are not being turned-in or submitted to me, but rather will be the questions that will be required to respond to during the Unit Exams.  

  3. Each lecture has an assigned essay prompt and  those essay prompts are  outlined by the listed Learning Objectives.    The learning objectives are the outline for the Essay Prompt.

  4. Thus, for example,  the Reconstruction Lecture asks you to respond to the essay prompt:

Discuss the two constitutional theories that evolved around the questions of Reconstruction.  Within your discussion identify and describe the three phases of Reconstruction.  Finally, describe the promise and hope of Reconstruction and its eventual demise .

To respond, thoroughly and competently , you simply go through the Learning Objectives (lectures) and respond to the Learning Objectives (the outline).

In other words you respond to the following to construct your response to the essay prompt:

1. Respond to the following in 1-2 paragraphs

LO I. Discuss the TWO constitutional theories that evolved around the question of Reconstruction.

2. Respond to the following in 1-2 paragraphs

LO II.  Discuss Presidential Reconstruction and how its weakness led to Congressional Reconstruction.

3. Respond to the following in 1-2 paragraphs

L.O. III Describe Congressional Reconstruction and how it was a reaction the Presidential Reconstruction.  

4. Respond to the following in 1-2 paragraphs

Describe the Compromise of 1877 and its effect on re-establishing white supremacy

How credit is earned for all the assigned essays is through the Unit Exams.  Each Unit Exam is cumulative as the semester progresses that randomly selects an essay prompt from each unit.  Thus, preparing for all of the 6-10 paragraph essays is essential since one will not know in advance which essay associated with the lectures will be randomly selected.  

General Guidelines to Ensure Your Success:

1.  Be sure to prepare a 6-10 paragraph essay  (paragraphs are 4-6 complete, organized, and well developed sentences)

2.  Be sure to include ALL the Learning Objectives in your essay and respond to them thoroughly.

3.  Students that consistently earn a 90 percentile score are students that include all I just mentioned AND they also reference any assigned reading material throughout their essay when pertinent and relevant.    The student will mention something they learned from the assigned reading in each LO  if and when it is relevant and pertinent to do so.   Be sure to cite the author.