Robert Kennedy's  United States History Class


Dawn of the American EMPIRE 1898-1916
“Speak softly, but carry a big stick” President Teddy Roosevelt 


In a 6-10 paragraph essay, respond to the following.  Be sure to include in your discussion all the of the Learning Objectives Essay Prompt

Essay Prompt

Explain why America abandoned isolationism and began looking outward at the end of the nineteenth century.  Analyze the consequences and significance of the Spanish-American War.  Discuss the impact of Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt's leadership in leading America into a position of a regional and world power.

Learning Objective I
Describe the “Open Door Policy” and its significance to understanding the development of the American Empire

Learning Objective II: 
Describe how the United States acquired Alaska and Hawaii:

Learning Objective III
  • Discuss the development of international Social Darwinism and the background leading up to the Spanish American War AND Discuss the factors that influenced the US’ decision to enter the war.

Learning Objective IV

Discuss the contradictory feeling and actions in the United States in regards to the acquisitions of the Philippians and the main results of the Spanish American War

Read Arguments for US IMPERIALISM AND AGAINST (Use this here to offer examples of the "contradictory feeling and actions...")

Learning Objective V
What was the Panama Canal and the Roosevelt Corollary and its significance to the American Empire

Note: the notes and powerpoint are very helpful but will not replace the content of the lectures.  They are to be used complimentary.

Background Information: Michael Parenti "The Spanish American War"