Robert Kennedy's  United States History Class


Civil Rights: African Americans, Mexican Americans, & Shelby County v. Holder

  • To prepare for the essay prompt, you will want to prepare responses to the Learning Objectives (1-4) posted below:

  • Learning Objectives (LOs)
    1. Compare and contrast the struggle for civil rights between African Americans and Mexican-Americans.  
    2. Be sure to identify and discuss the role of the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the Executive in promoting the Civil Rights Movement.  
    3. Also identify and discuss the role  of at least three different leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.  Consider the specific  strategies employed in their attempt to achieve civil rights.
    4. Finally, discuss the impact of  the recent Supreme Court decision, Shelby County v. Holder on American Society.  Explain, from your informed opinion (DO NOT USE FIRST OR SECOND PERSON) if the decision was constructive for non-white populations in the United States.  

Shelby v. Holder

Mexican- American, Latino, Chicano 

African Americans

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